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…….The World Charity website is devoted to charity, humanism, development of the civilisation, science, the world politics and economy and also how to help the most needy and broadly understood between human cooperation.

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The world is a common home

…….Dear Residents of the World,

…….We are all one big human family, connected together either directly or indirectly. However this does not sound trivial, it is true, as the world is a common system of connected vessels. The world is our common home. But our civilisation is far from achieving the goal, which should be the universal peace, intellectual and spiritual development of people, science and civilisation development, as well as the provided material well-being.

…….All existing economic and political systems treat a man more objectively than subjectively, betting on the profit or other goal than human and his development, what is largely the main cause of the broadly understood evil and pathological consequences. As long as it is different, so long the above-mentioned goals will never be reached, because human is a being – cause and effect – of everything or almost everything what is connected with its whole, earth activity and existence. And although it seems obvious, it often happens that it is darkest under the lamp.

…….Nothing will contribute to the above mentioned development in the global scale as the intensive effort of all people, our whole world population. No “golden means” meaning rivalry, competition, etc. can oppose the achievements of human intellect in a longer perspective, being the fruit of cooperation of great groups of people, their whole masses, the greater, the more effective fruits of this cooperation.

…….Why? Because the effects of such cooperation can be compared with the global network of the internet and the free flow of information, which each person may use at any point of the globe and at any time. That’s why any philosophy of rivalry, regardless of the degree of its motivation will not be able to keep up to such a mechanism, based on the strength of the irreplaceable potential of sharing the knowledge of many people, in addition in a short time distance.

…….That’s why such broadly understood  c o o p e r a t i o n  should constitute a new quality in the direction of which the world, meaning our whole civilisation, should follow. This cooperation refers to all fields of human activity and all parties: governments of all countries, institutions, research institutes, associations, organisations, and finally the very communities, as well as in a large degree the economic subjects. Not only the broadly understood cooperation is the more effective way for a general development, it also bases on positive human instincts, extracting the essence of humanity. All positive human features underlying the true nature of a man – determining attitudes, behaviours and general human aspirations and of whole communities – with which it comes to the world, they are often considered as naïve, may paradoxically become the most effective driving force for the development of humanity, at the same time really proving its majority in the eternal and banal struggle of good with evil, meaning positive and negative human features.

…….The potential of human intellect and knowledge, the more widely used in every corner of the world, like natural resources of the Earth, the more effectively it will bring benefit to everybody, eliminating at the same time all disproportions in the world.

…….This applies to each of the areas: science, education, culture, economy, economics, finances, industry, agriculture, medicine, etc. and the development of the global awareness, spiritual development, own humanity and general civilisation progress.

…….So in this relation, can something be done in this direction?

…….Yes, it can and must be done!

…….Just as it seemed ages ago that there exist things impossible for men, which today are commonplace – the discovery of new continents, invention of vaccines and overcoming many diseases or placing a human foot on the Moon, the achievement of the above described goals will become something real and common. Purposes which turn out to be real to be achieved, not by discovering a wonderful; “golden mean”, but by the growing awareness of these matters and the effort and work of human communities. They will become as common and real as vaccines, which stopped the death of millions of people from epidemics, which was certainly more doubted in the past than now in the above-mentioned achievement of goals. The only barrier is psychology, suggesting our imagination that these matters concern the whole world – the world, which is in the era of internet known as the ordinary global village. That’s why these barriers now, more than ever, are becoming very real to be overcome!

…….One of the examples of initiatives on the level of ordinary internet users is helping those, who currently need help the most, by promoting many needy and disadvantaged regions of the world in order to invest in them or their promotion in the tourist context. Areas, where the populations are devastated by diseases and hunger or unjust authorities or pathological political systems. For this purpose, above on the website I provide a link to websites list, which are in a way model.

…….Another example is the promotion of business entities, legal entities and individuals, funding in various forms the help to the needy in the world, e.g., by positioning their offers from the given field in the internet browsers – for instance: the proportionally greater financial share of the given subject to the incomes, the higher the place in the ranking and the higher the page in the internet browsers. Such promotion could be realized in the internet via the internet websites of the organisations and charity foundations or ordinary internet users in the organised way, e.g., voluntarily, like it takes place in the “Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”. This is a positive example of competition based on the general interpersonal cooperation. Similar or different examples for all ideas may of course be multiplied endlessly.

…….It should be noted that for the effective functioning of all initiatives, including initiatives connected with the help for the needy, but also for the well-being of the whole humanity, now in the age of the internet and fast flow of information in the global scale in the almost unlimited amount, huge role is played by the informatics logistics, which has great opportunities to be used!

…….I encourage all of you to all ideas in any form and to share them also via the internet, leading to the formation of various initiatives and supporting the joint ventures using, among others, the internet as the global medium for achieving the above-mentioned goals. I also encourage you to share information about this website to others.

…….The sooner we begin our journey, the faster we contribute to the achievement of these goals and to saving many people from numerous sufferings. The path to the real global development of our whole civilisation.

Best regards,

Sylwester Fiet
Plock, Poland



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